GA-1 Disarmament and International Security (DISEC)

a. Discussing the measures to tackle the recruitment activities carried out by religious extremist organizations with emphasis on the Western hemisphere – Chair Report b. Discussing the legitimacy of military drone operations and their impact on civilians – Chair Report c. Discussing the measures for the stricter surveillance of the nuclear arsenal of India and Pakistan and the nuclear program of Iran – Chair Report

GA-3 Social, Cultural & Humanitarian (SOCHUM)

a. Eradication of Polio cases with special emphasis on countries where it is endemically observed or may have been spread through military conflicts – Chair Report b. Combating the issue of child marriage – Chair Report c. Restricting population growth in the countries with high fertility rates – Chair Report

GA-4 Special, Political and Decolonization (SPECPOL)

a. Territorial dispute over the Ogaden region between Ethiopia and Somalia – Chair Report b. Discussing on the roadmap to be adopted for the final settlement with regards to the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in Georgia. – Chair Report c. Resolving the internal conflict in the Central African Republic – Chair Report

Environment Committee

a. Dealing with the environmental issues emerging due to the drilling activities in the Arctic – Chair Report b. Devising a working plan for the encouragement of the usage of renewable clean energy resources and the reduction of fossil fuel consumption – Chair Report c. Desiccation of the Aral Sea – Chair Report

Second Continental Congress

a. Discussing the methods to command the American Revolutionary War within the political and diplomatic fields – Chair Report

Historical Joint Crisis Committees

a. Soviet war in Afghanistan – Chair Report

International Court of Justice


Security Council Chair Report

a. Territorial disputes between the People’s Republic of China and India b. The secessionist insurgency in Eastern Ukraine