KALMUN is the Model United Nations Club of our school, Kadikoy Anadolu High School. Our club is founded in 2005 and it is one of the oldest MUN clubs in Turkey. In the club, there are over 200 students and these students attend the club meetings that are the same as the real MUN conferences once a week. These students also attend the conferences in not only Turkey but also, some of the important countries in Europe such as Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands so as to represent our school.

Inasmuch as KALMUN club’s works and enthusiasm in the conferences, our school’s name is being known more prestigious day by day. We, as KALMUN, are planning to give our school better name and add one more successful thing to the success list of our school by holding KALMUN ‘16 international conference.

Since the day that the KALMUN Executive Board was formed, the global issues has been worked on, so as to be brought to a solution with students from Kadıköy Anadolu High School and many other schools; while taking today’s world into consideration which is constantly changing and developing. Main intention of KALMUN is to provide an opportunity for the young population to think about the issues of the world, considering the political, economic and social sides of those; while expressing their opinions freely during the simulated sessions of the United Nations. The Executive Board of KALMUN has taken it as its valid goal to form a youth platform where the participants can share their experiences and knowledge, work together, listen to the opinions of others while making contributions to those, ask questions and individually improve themselves.

Club members may thusly access club’s group via this link.