General Policy 

KALMUN 2017 will not be admitting anyone without a badge onto the school campus or to any of the events as a security measure. If any attendant, including the Executive Board wishes to bring a friend, they must ask the permission of the Secretariat beforehand. If not, the visitor will not be accepted to the area and the attendant will be getting an Official Warning.


Plagiarism is strictly prohibited under any circumstance. If it is suspected and proven, the participant(s) will be directly disqualified from participating in any further events and will be black-listed not only from KALMUN, but any sibling-conferences effectively.
The dress code is casual-formal, meaning that males must have a tie/bowtie and jacket present with them (even if the jacket isn’t worn) for the duration of the official conference sessions. During speeches, jackets are mandatory. Females must have appropriate bottoms, consisting of either a skirt or block (no patterns) colored pants. Their tops must conform to the formal debate environment. No undergarments must be visible. T-shirts, jeans, sneakers are strictly prohibited. Colorful attire is acceptable, but only if it adheres to the stated dress code.

Any delegates not conforming to the code will be given a warning, followed by an escort off the premises.



Once your application is evaluated and accepted by the Secretariat of KALMUN 2017, you will receive an official letter of acceptance and a mail including the payment details. The fees must be paid to the bank account that you will receive via e-mail after you have been officially accepted.

An application does not ensure acceptance into the conference.

StOff applicants who are not accepted will be offered a different position within our Specialized Agencies.

Before making payments, participants are expected to read the payment detail emails, as well as the following terms carefully.

The fees of the delegations must be paid in one sum payment. Extra fees that may incur during the transfer are the responsibility of the sender.

Do not forget to add the name of your school if you are applying as a delegation and the number of people onto the bank receipt i.e.: Kadikoy Anadolu Lisesi, 8 delegates”. If you are paying individually, be sure to have your name and the name of the committee or your position included i.e.:Enes Subaşı, Individual Delegate, SCC”
If these are not added to the receipt, your payment will be considered as a donation to our conference.

All fees must be paid within five business days after the acceptance mail has arrived. If this is not done so, the Secretariat reserves the right to drop the application.

The bill (dekont) of your payment must be sent within a span of five business days as well to and scanned or digitally. Bad quality photographs will not be accepted.

Proof of payments can be requested by schools. These will be provided within five business days via email or mail.

All participants must submit a scanned version of their valid government issued Identification (ID) for banking reasons. This will be requested after Form II for Delegations, and the acceptance email for individual applicants. Advisors are included.

At any point of the official conference events, the Secretariat as well as the Executive Board reserve the right to request official ID.

An advisor is mandatory per school or delegation. All advisors that will be attending any day or event of KALMUN 2017 must have a valid payment and badge in order to enter the premises.

Committee/country allocations will be sent after the payment and receipt has been received by the Secretariat. The allocations to be made within the delegations are to be determined by the advisors or head delegate and are to be completed on our online platform. It is within the Secretariats discretion to change/reject delegates for any reason at any time. The final delegation changes can occur no later than May 30th, 2017 via email with all the previously required information and reasoning for the delegate change.



A delegation is consistent of 4 people, 3 being allocated in General Assembly Committees and 1 in the Security Council. KALMUN 2017 does not require a special delegation fee, all delegates will be taken into account as individuals during the payment procces even thought their fees will be paid as a sum. Instead of a delegation fee, the concerning delegation is required to pay the respecting advisor fee as it is mandatory. The fees of KALMUN 2017 are as following:

(KALMUN 2017 accepts the  Euro exchange rates as 1 Euro = 3,3 Turkish Lira, the aforementioned decision will not be subjected to any alteration)

EARLY: 55 Euros (180 Turkish Liras) per delegate.

REGULAR: 58 Euros (190 Turkish Liras) per delegate.

LATE: 64 Euros (210 Turkish Liras) per delegate.

ADVISOR: 60 Euros (200 Turkish Liras) per advisor.

PRESS: 37 Euros (120 Turkish Liras) per press.

CHAIRPERSON: 37 Euros (120 Turkish Liras) per chair.