Welcome Letter

Esteemed Prospective Participants of KALMUN 2017,


I am delighted and honored to have the opportunity of welcoming you both into the borders of such a ravishing school ground within the historically valued Kadıköy and to our beloved organization which is one of the notable occurrences of the mentioned area.

With 4 Secretariat and 13 Executive Board members alongside many supporters, KALMUN 2017 is currently working day and night to provide you all with amazing committees, bigger social events and an even cozier family. The long path all members’ oath to take has just begun on the hot summer days of Istanbul and it will end once again in a warm, sunny day; without losing any of its enthusiasm or warmth.

This year we will be hosting you from the 12th to the 16th of June 2017, once again at the Kadıköy Anatolian High School to pursue our 5-years-old tradition. With the entertainment of the PR; your coffee breaks will be never like you’ve seen before, our IT will be working hard to help soothing your electronic needs while the Logistics will; as always, be treating you with kindness and providing you with delicious food & drinks as well as running around and helping you to keep you fully content. As our Press team amazes you with their videos and leaves you with concrete  traces of memories, the academic team is ready to fulfill your dreams and satisfy you with fresh, vivid agendas and wild committees.

With obtaining the theme “Attaining a new sense of mind: Harmony and peace structured by the sublime illuminated”  KALMUN 2017 will be having three General Assembly Committees and four Specialized Agencies. The participants of the General Assembly Committees will be facing unique agenda items such as “Criminal Justice” in DISEC; “Management of Health Crises and the Improvement of Women’s Rights on Socio-Economic Field” in SOCHUM and the “Sanitation in South Africa” in ENVIRONMENT.

Alongside having such challenging GA Committees, the Specialized Agencies will be pushing the limits of the participants to increase their imagination and push them to use their creativity in taking actions. This year KALMUN brings the highly appreciated committee of 2014 the “Organization of American States” back to tackle corruption, women’s social life and illicit trades to bring a new point of view to the “American Dream”; the Security Council will be working hard to revise the NPT and provide the house with a communique; the Expert Committee “Future We Want Rio+20” will be nothing like you’ve witnessed before as all participants will be representing their own ideas and names rather than countries while advising the Secretary-General in the amazing city of Rio” and last but not least the Joint Crisis Cabinet will be challenging its participants to rewrite the history and see whether the Roman Republic will be sustained or an Empire will be built.

But besides all, the KALMUN family with its tight bonds and an evolving nature is ready for you, dear participants.

So, are you ready to be conquered?


                                                                                                                    İdil LOPEZ


Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi Model United Nations 2017